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Trey Anastasio’s New Green Languedoc Guitar

July 16th, 2009 1 comment

Note 8/6/10: If you want to see the new Languedoc Trey used at the Greek last night go here: The Ocelot Languedoc

Here are some pics of the green Languedoc Trey busted out at Fenway. The top pic is actually from 2004 and may or may not be the same doc. The bottom pic is from the Fenway show. If anyone has better pics of the green doc, drop me a line.

Trey Anastasio Green Languedoc Guitar Photo 1

Trey Anastasio Green Languedoc Guitar Photo 2

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Top 5 Guitar Effects Pedals Of My Dreams

July 3rd, 2009 1 comment

Here is my list of dream pedals that I can’t afford at the moment.

1. The Lovetone Meatball

meatball-lovetone.jpegYou will unearth some of the coolest, most bizarre envelope filter sounds ever with this pedal. Made by hand by a European guy named Vlad, this is the holy grail of envelope filters, it is more than an auto-wah, with the Meatball you can explore sounds
from the thickest funk to sounds never before heard by human ears. Wanna buy one? Vlad’s not making them anymore so ebay’s your best bet.

The MEATBALL™ is an amazing envelope follower/triggered filter – the funky blue alternative to a high fibre diet that has put a smile on (or at least taken the frown off) a lot of faces! Because of the large number of controls, and because changing the position of any one affects the way in which the others will interact, this offers a truly vast array of sound possibilities (from the sublest effects to frightening untamed excesses!)
and means that the Meatball™ can be “tuned in” to dance the most intimate tango without treading on your toes or just wave its arms in the air and let it all hang out. (The filter frequencies can also be tuned precisely to allow laser guided goosing of high gain distortion).

* Sensitivity control
* Attack and Decay controls
* Range control (can be used to fine-tune the frequency response and create subtle effects)
* Resonance control
* Blend which mixes straight signal with effect creating a whole new palette of sounds.
* Pedal facility (allows the use of a standard passive volume pedal to create wah-type effects)
* FX loop – insert octaves and distortion for some real 70’s cheese, or use for external trigger facility
* Up and Down response curves
* High, Low, and Band-pass filter modes
* Four selectable filter frequency ranges
* Triggering off full or half bandwidth and trigger off (useful for instance as a static tone control or for adding or scooping tone with blend)
* LED showing filter response
* LED showing effect on/off

2. Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

The Boomerang phrase sampler is the coolest looper around. So what’s a phrase sampler? It’s a musical tool that records, makes loops, adds parts (as many as you want), plays in reverse, plays back faster or slower than normal and more. It can be a songwriter’s scratch pad, tireless partner for rehearsing or jamming, and an amazing live performance tool. Best of all, using a Rang improves your playing, and as one magazine article says, it has “a knock out fun factor.”boomerang

The boomerang is the only looper in my opinion suitable for live performance. I’ve owned the Boss RC-20 as well as the Digitech JamMan, even though they have many more features, I always preferred the feel of the boomerang and the ease of using it’s tap switches. I have been waiting FOREVER for the boomerang III to provide the features I found in those pedals, and the ease of use of the rang. Well, it looks like I might get my wish soon, Boomerang has just started selling rang III preproduction models! When the official release comes they will be easily upgradeable to the official software.

* The software is 98% complete. Here’s what is complete and working:

Serial Play Style – loops play one after the other like the Rang™ Plus
Serial Master Play Style – See description below.
3 or 4 loops – your choice
Stacking – “stacking” is adding a part to a loop
Undo/Redo – the last part stacked can be muted, then played again or rerecorded
Erase – loops can be erased one at a time or all at once; a loop can be erased while another plays
Copy Loop – a loop can be copied whether it is playing or not
Copy Live – this enables “re-sampling” and is very powerful; the pedal’s output is routed to a new loop
Octave – loop(s) plays at half speed and an octave lower
Reverse – loop(s) plays backwards
Once – loop(s) plays one time through then stops or if already playing, it stops at its end
Fade – loop(s) fade in or out with one button press; fades can be 3 to 43 seconds
Reverse Solo – this is an effect and enables you to create reverse leads live
Two Sample Rates – 48KHz or 24KHz, both with 20 bit samples; through signal is always 48KHz with 24 bit samples
Thru Mute Function – turns off through signal
Expression Pedal Volume Control – simply plug in an expression pedal and it will be the master playback volume control
Loop Playback Volume Knob – this is always available to set loop playback volume
Decay Rate Knob – sets the rate at which earlier parts fade when new ones are added
Stereo or Mono – recording and playback will be stereo or mono depending on which of the Smart Jacks you use
Smart Jacks – the Rang™ III senses which jacks are being used and provides different signal routing options

Want to buy one? Check out

3. Analogman Bi-Comprossor

Analog Mike makes THE MOST KICKASS ROSS CLONE EVER. My favorite is the large bicomp.
The 25+ year-old original Ross Compressors are about impossible to find and VERY expensive. Way Huge had made the Saffron Squeeze pedal in the mid 1990s, which is a hot rodded Ross compressor. These are very popular and tend to sell for even more than an original Ross compressor. Analogman takes both of these and gives you both flavors of hand painted,
tone sweetening goodness. Want to buy one? Get on the waiting list, as it will be several months or more before
you get to the front of the line.

Check out all of Analogman’s work at

4. Ibanez TS808 /TS9 Tube Screamer


The original, no-mod necessary, overdrive pedal. This is the overdrive Stevie Ray Vaugh used. nuff said. The early incarnations of the TS-808 and TS-9 are the most sought after by collectors. Though the originals are expensive, you can go to your local guitar shop and buy a new TS9, then send it to Analogman a his mod, which makes it sound even better than the originals.

5. Loop-Master True Bypass Switcher

A Loop-Master custom true bypass switcher is the ultimate necessity for your tone-sucking effects board.I ordered a custom 2 channel effects loop with a/b/c outputs from him a few years ago and the work is top notch. NOTHING will improve your tone more than removing noisy effects that are not in use with true bypass.

15 looper
15-Loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass (Stag.)

Definitely a monster and a half, the “15-Loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out and Master Bypass (ST)” is THE pedal for plugging (15) of your favorite tone sucking effects into to gain instant true bypass capabilities and to reduce noise and loss of volume and tone in your signal chain. Turn all the loops on when you want to go nuts and hit the panic button “Bypass” when you see the bartender eye-ballin’ you so you can get back to your straight, clean signal path quickly before he or she gets a hold of you. And in addition, connect your favorite tuner into the “Tuner” jack, hit the “Tune” switch and tune silently. The audience and your fellow bandmates will thank you for this.

DIMENSIONS: 26″ X 3.0″ X 2.2″.

INGREDIENTS: Aluminum enclosure, 3PDT switches, 22 Gauge Silver Plated Military Spec. Wiring, Audio Grade Silver Soldering, Switchcraft jacks, and your choice of colors for your LED’s.

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One of Trey Anastasio’s Languedoc Guitars

June 19th, 2009 No comments

Trey Anastasio Languedoc Guitar

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Trey Anastasio Pedal Set Up and Gear

June 18th, 2009 No comments


Pedals from left to right are:

1. Tremolo Control
2. Boomerang Phrase Sampler
3. Digitech Whammy II
4. 2x Ibanez TS-9 Custom modded
5. Dunlap GCB-95 Wah
6. Fender Amp Switch (custom)
7. Bradshaw Buttons
8. Boss FS-5L (leslie)
9. Boss FS-5U (once)
10. Goff Trek 2 (guitar leslie)
11. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Other Gear:

Amps and speakers
* Mesa Boogie mkIII
* Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE preamp (early 1990s – 1997)
* Groove Tubes power amp (early 1990s – 1997)
* Bruno 4×12 Speaker Cabinet
* Paul Langeudoc Custom 2×12 Cabs
* Hard Truckers “Fatty” 2×12 Hemp Cab (with KOA Trim)
* Leslie 122 rotating speaker
* Fender Deluxe Reverb, modified by Bill Carruth (1997–present)

* Furman Power Conditioner
* Korg DTR2 Tuner
* Ibanez DM2000 Delay
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Super Tremolo
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Black Cat Vibe
* Alesis NanoVerb (x2)
* Alesis MicroVerb I
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) 4×4 Switcher

(Below)Closeup’s of the headstock inlay’s on two of
Trey’s Languedocs, featuring images of his dog Marley.

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