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iGloves solves iPhone 4 antenna problem

June 24th, 2010 1 comment

The iPhone 4 apparently drops calls when holding it normally. The problem has been attributed to the new external antennas. Never fear, a solution is right around the corner!

Available in black or white (please allow an extra 2-4 weeks for white)

But seriously folks, if you’re looking for some winter gloves that are iPhone compatible, take a look here: iPhone Compatible Gloves

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iPhone app icon duplication problem FIX

June 23rd, 2009 33 comments

With the coming of the 3.0 software update comes a number of bugs as well. This is one that drove me nuts. If you are experiencing duplicated app icons (or in some cases darkened or greyed out icons), follow this procedure as a temporary fix.

New Method: This method has been verified to work, and will not erase your apps saved data:

1) Select an app with incorrect icon, remove it.

2) Go to app store and download it again.

3) During installation, hold the power button and turn off your iPhone!

4) Turn on your iPhone again and all your app icons are back to normal.

the key thing is that you can reinstall an app that doesn’t have saved data, but still fix the problems with those that do have saved data, without losing it!

Old Method:

WARNING: This fix will cause saved data to be deleted from your apps, so if you have a saved game or something it will be reset.

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
2. Sync your phone to backup any new apps you may have downloaded
3. Click on the iphone icon, then the “Applications” tab at the top
4. Uncheck “Sync Applications” then hit apply. (this will erase the apps from your phone)
5. Once the sync is complete, RE-check “Sync Applications” and hit apply to restore your apps to the phone
6. Your icons should now be restored to normal.

Note: If you completely shut off your phone or do a hard reset, the icons may get messed up again. If this is the case, repeat the process to fix. Hopefully Apple will get this figured out soon!

If this worked for you, please leave a comment 🙂 Thanks!

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