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Trey Anastasio Pedal Set Up and Gear


Pedals from left to right are:

1. Tremolo Control
2. Boomerang Phrase Sampler
3. Digitech Whammy II
4. 2x Ibanez TS-9 Custom modded
5. Dunlap GCB-95 Wah
6. Fender Amp Switch (custom)
7. Bradshaw Buttons
8. Boss FS-5L (leslie)
9. Boss FS-5U (once)
10. Goff Trek 2 (guitar leslie)
11. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Other Gear:

Amps and speakers
* Mesa Boogie mkIII
* Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE preamp (early 1990s – 1997)
* Groove Tubes power amp (early 1990s – 1997)
* Bruno 4×12 Speaker Cabinet
* Paul Langeudoc Custom 2×12 Cabs
* Hard Truckers “Fatty” 2×12 Hemp Cab (with KOA Trim)
* Leslie 122 rotating speaker
* Fender Deluxe Reverb, modified by Bill Carruth (1997–present)

* Furman Power Conditioner
* Korg DTR2 Tuner
* Ibanez DM2000 Delay
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Super Tremolo
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) Black Cat Vibe
* Alesis NanoVerb (x2)
* Alesis MicroVerb I
* Custom Audio Electronics (CAE) 4×4 Switcher

(Below)Closeup’s of the headstock inlay’s on two of
Trey’s Languedocs, featuring images of his dog Marley.

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